AME Info: With 5% VAT, is online shopping still a good option?

Posted on: B2C E-Commerce | yStats in the Media on May 16, 2018

A study by Emirates 24/7 reveals that tech-savvy UAE residents are fast getting comfortable with paying online for their purchases.

“Coupled with an improving internet penetration, rising smartphone ownership and declining cost of transaction and delivery, they are flocking to online sales platforms like never before,” it said.

A recent report by intelligence provider said the e-commerce market in the Middle East and Africa has the potential to grow at small double-digit rates in the next five years, with the B2C segment forecasted to account for close to one-third of the total online sales in the region.

“Driven by improving Internet penetration, rising ownership of mobile devices and payment cards, online retail in these countries is set to boom in the near future,” the report adds. says the UAE is leading the region in this domain. “This country has the highest Internet, mobile device and payment card penetration, which all contribute to making the UAE the market with the largest B2C E-Commerce sales,” it states.

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